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Avengers Vol. 1 (1963-1996, 2004) #131

Avengers Vol. 1 (1963-1996, 2004) #131

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  • Description

    1st app of the Legion of the Unliving team, see first note below.


    "A Quiet Half-Hour in Saigon!" – (17-page story) – While the Avengers continue to aid Mantis in learning her true origins in Vietnam, in the realm known as Limbo, Immortus has rescued Kang and Rama-Tut from outside of time. Offering to aid them, Immortus is instead betrayed by Kang who imprisons both Immortus and Rama-Tut.
    Kang then uses Immortus' devices to gather his "Legion of the Unliving", super-beings from different points in history, plucked out of time moments before their deaths and put under Kang's control. Among those selected are the Frankenstein's Monster, the original Human Torch, Wonder Man, Baron Zemo, Midnight, and the Ghost.
    Back on Earth, Mantis is startled by the appearance of a spectral image of Swordsman, however, before the Avengers can try and learn what's going on, they are all plucked out of the present and transported to Limbo inside the fortress of Immortus to do battle against the Legions of the Unliving.


    NOTE: The Legion of the Unliving includes Frankenstein's Monster, Wonder Man (Simon Williams), Human Torch (Jim Hammond), Midnight, Ghost, and Baron Zemo.

    NOTE: Story continues in next issue.

    NOTE: Includes Marvel Value Stamp Series A #70 (Super Skrull).

    NOTE: Corner box features a standing image of the Vision.

    NOTE: This comic features the third appearance of Steve Rogers as Nomad. 

  • Details
    Age: Bronze Age
    Cover Artist: Gil Cane
    Editor: Roy Thomas
    Inker: Joe Staton
    Letterer: Tom Orzechowski
    Penciller: Sal Buscema
    Publisher: Marvel Comics
    Writer: Steve Englehart
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